This is un unprecedented and creative qualified product. It adopts the environmentally advanced silicone material equipped with a strong vibration motor, remote seven-speed vibration frequency and nearly silent vibration. It uses the rechargeable battery for power featured with 100% waterproof design. What's more exciting, the unique function endows the greater power for you in the sexual life, makes the two sides experience the unprecedented sexual climax, and it is the Super Striker- the global first remote vibration set. When enlarging the penis and reducing the sensitivity, it is equipped with the remote seven-speed vibration massage function, and it can make the two sides' most sensitive parts obtain the vibration and massage stimulation simultaneously. Of course, the creativity is not limited. The wrist watch remote control is outstanding. It is only the size of an ordinary electronic watch, which can be called as the smallest vibration remote control in the history. Using the magical bang watchband on the wrist can be easy to operate in the sexual process. When pressing the key at every time, the panel will issue a faint blue light, thus adding a romance in the sexual process.



*** Functional Diagram***

1.power button of vibration set (press and hold for 2 second to switch machine)

2.switch button of vibration mode (press and hold for 2 second to shutdown the vibration set)

instruction 1

*** Instruction***

  1. Install the battery for the remote control.

instruction 2


     Note: When the remote distance is reduced or the indicator light is dimmed significantly, please timely replace the battery.


2.Charge the vibration set.


When the power of vibration set is insufficient, it will automatically shut down. Please correctly plug the equipped USB charging cable into the charging hole of the vibration set, then select the computer USB interface or the mobile phone charger with USB interface to charge the vibration set. When in normal charging, the indicator light will flash for indication. When the battery is full, the indicator light will be bright.

 instruction 3


Note: To ensure the waterproofing effect, the charging hole is designed tightly. Do not use excessively. If damaging the silicone, it may influence the product waterproof effect.


3.Use of the product

use instruction 1


***Technical Parameter***

Material: Silicone, ABS                           Vibration mode: 7 types

Remote control battery: L1145/1.5V*2       Vibration set battery: 3.7V lithium battery

Vibration set full-power using time: >90 minutes     Remote distance:>15m